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Brancaster School Art Competition

Brancaster School Art Competition

Brancaster School Art Competition organised by Brancaster Village Hall
3 Age Groups
Years 1 and 2 (4-7)
Years 3 and 4 (7-9)
Years 5 and 6
3 Categories Children can put an entry into each category if they wish
Category 1 Seaside picture can be a beach scene or sea scene or both To be as detailed as possible
Category 2 Garden Picture. Can be an imaginary garden or your own home garden . Flowers or Vegetables To be as detailed as possible.
Category 3 One single item from the garden. For example a flower, or tree or bug or beetle needs to be as detailed as possible and on this one a short note why you have chosen this item, this must be written on the picture
Paper /Picture size 30cm x 40cm. If you have difficulty getting that size of paper Mrs Bocking says you can contact school or you can carefully join two pieces of paper together.
Name, Age and School Year must be put on each picture clearly.
There will be a box in the entrance hall of the Village Hall to accept entries between 9am and 12midday Monday to Friday. Closing date Friday May 29th

There will be Ist, 2nd and 3rd Cash Prizes in each age group and category
£10 First prize £7.50 Second prize £5 Third prize plus sketch pad and crayons
Everyone taking part will receive a sketch pad and crayons
The winning artworks (First Places) will be framed and put up in the Village Hall.
Hopefully depending on lockdown and when it is lifted we will try and put on an exhibition of all the entries in the Village Hall
Any questions please email or contact Sarah Bocking at school

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